Ideal Reading #2, is the second edition of a subjective reading salon and a copyshop with books belonging to artists, curators and booksellers from the Goofypress network in France, Germany, USA and Japan.
It will take place in the Art Centre Le Magasin In Grenoble till the 04th of September 2016.

The installation made of scaffolding material will be slowly recovered by A4 copies, pinned by the visiters of the exhibition with the help of little magnets. This paper architecture is an evolutive and participative artwork in which every participants can let his trace and change the aspect of the work. 

Ideal reading #2, with books belonging to:

Marion Andrieu, Astali/Peirce, Manon Bellet, Bettina Bruder, Elvire Bonduelle, Ludovic Burel, Claude Cadi, Clôde Coulpier, Jacob Dahlgren, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, April Gertler, Mathias Geoffroy, Hannah Goldstein, Sébastien Gindre, Matteo Guidi, Lise Harlev,
Hervé Humbert, Fadma Kaddouri, Erik Kiesewetter, Wolf von Kries, André Leibold, Benjamin Lee Martin, Marie-José Ourtilane, Palefroi, Anaëlle Pirat, Øyvind Renberg & Miho Shimizu, Stephen G. Rhodes, Oliver Roura, Allen Ruppersberg, Daniel Seiple, Jaro Straub,
Session 25 École du Magasin, Julien Villaret & Martín Vitaliti.

In Le magasin CNAC (Grenoble, Fr) from Saturday 28th of may till 4th of septembre 2016, as part as the exhibition Briser la Glace, curated by the Session 25 École du Magasin.

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