Silk-printing with water ecological inks is nice... But using fruits and vegetables for marking paper is even more fun!! Smooth Moiré is an event during which we created tasty natural smoothies to be drank by the public, and printed posters with the rest of it.

So choose your color or mix them all!

On the smoothie Menu:
GREEN: Baby Spinach, Parsley, Bananas, Apple juice & Spirulina
MAGENTA: Strawberries, Bananas, Rasberries & Acai Powder
YELLOW: Orange juice, Mangos & Bananas
BLACK: Mango, Spinach, Rasberries, Acai Powder & Spirulina

Limited edition of 35 GMYK posters printed with 100% Natural inks, 39,5 x 59,2 cm.

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